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One of the popular themes for collecting coins is “One From Every Country” or OFEC. Not only can this a challenging theme, it’s a great way to learn about history and the world, along with being a perfect introduction to collecting in general since it is easy to start and inexpensive, depending on how complex and thorough you decide to make your quest. It’s a category within World Coins. At first, you could decide to collect one coin from each country that currently exists. Or, one from each country that existed during the year of your birth and dated from that year. The topic begins to get complicated when you start to consider every “country” that ever existed. Sometimes that isn’t always clear. Or, it can be even more complicated if one consider...

Papal Coinage

The earliest known Papal coinage began under Pope Saint Gregory III (731-741 AD), however, the first serious Papal coinage began under Pope Adrian I (772-795) at the mint in Rome and continued through Pope Benedict VII (974-983). From the reign of Pope John XIV (983-984) to Pope Clement IV (1265-1268), no known papal issues exist. This is due to the Roman Senate taking over control of the mint output and issuing anonymous coinage. Papal coinage was restored in 1268, but it was a period of Sede Vacante (no pope) until 1271 and coins were issued as such. Even after Pope Gregory X was named in 1271, no Papal coinage is known again until Pope Boniface VIII (1296-1303) and continues yet today. Along with the fascinating and artistic Papal coins, there are also the coins of the intriguing antipo...

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