Wappinger Confederacy

Even Old New York Was Once New Amsterdam – September 5, 1664 AD

The Italian explorer, Giovanni da Verrazzano, discovered a part of the new world in 1524 AD, and called it New Angoulême, in honor of his patron, King Francis I of France. The Dutch arrived to the area in 1609, on the Halve Maen, captained by Henry Hudson. Hudson was in service of the Dutch Republic, through Maurice of Nassau, Prince of Orange. Although the emissary of Maurice, Hudson was covertly trying to find the Northwest Passage for the Dutch East India Trading Company (also known as VOC). He traversed what he named the Mauritius River, modern day Hudson River. When he returned, he brought news of the abundance of beaver in the area, whose pelts were prized in Europe because they could be felted and made waterproof. Beaver also was used to make castoreum, used in medicine and perfume....

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