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Constantine, co-emperor of the Byzantine Empire. January 22, 613.

  Constantine was crowned co-emperor by his father on 22 January 613 and shortly after was betrothed to his cousin, Gregoria, a daughter of his father’s first cousin, Nicetas. As they were second cousins, the marriage was technically incestuous, but this consideration must have been outweighed by the advantages of the match to the family as a whole. Furthermore, its illegality paled into insignificance beside Heraclius‘ marriage to his niece Martina the same year. In comparison, Constantine’s marriage was far less scandalous than that of his father’s. Constantine and Gregoria married in 629 or perhaps early 630 and in that year their first child, Constans II was born. Their second child was another son, Theodosius. They also had a daughter named Manyanh who lat...

Antique Coins: Animals

Another popular theme for collecting Antique Coins centers around animals. The ancient cultures loved animals and incorporated them on everything from pottery to mosaics to buildings and coins. Some animals are scarce to rare, such as bears, and some are extremely common, eagles and lions for example. And then there are the mythical animals, such as the sphinx, pegasus and hippocamp. There have been many coins through the ages which have animals as a major part of their design. If you are an animal lover, we have many items for you to consider adding to your zoo, among these featured treasures:

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