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“Et tu, Brute?” – Brutus Coins

Brutus Coins: It’s not often collectors have the opportunity to acquire one of the most famous, and infamous, coins ever produced in the history of mankind. However, the only known example from Die H of the Eid Mar denarius, minted under Brutus and celebrating the assassination of Julius Caesar by his hands on the Ides of March, 44 BC is now available on VCoins, along with a selection of other coins related to the cast of characters from the tumultuous Roman Imperatorial period.

Brutus is a cognomen of the Roman gens Junia, a prominent family of the Roman Republic. The plural of Brutus is Bruti, and the vocative form is Brute, as used in the quotation “Et tu, Brute?” (“you too, Brutus?”), from Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar.

Our selection of Coins:

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