Experiments In Greek Minting Technique

Ancient coins. The following is a scan of the article by D. G. Sellwood in the 1963 edition of The Numismatic Chronicle. The two sample coins and publication were sold on VAuctions in September, 2016: Lot 698.  [Miscellaneous]. Lot of two modern trial strikes by David Sellwood using experimental minting techniques. Includes: AR ‘tetradrachm’. Grape bunch / Side view of triple-crested Corinthian helmet right within incuse square // AR ‘tetradrachm’. Crested Corinthian helmet left / Grain ear within pelleted border. For both coins, see D. G. Sellwood, “Some experiments in Greek minting technique,” NC (1963), pp. 217-31, and pl. XXIV, nos. 8 & 11 for the dies used to strike the second coin. Both coin...

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