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One From Every Country (OFEC) – World Coins

One of the popular themes for collecting coins is “One From Every Country” or OFEC. Not only can this a challenging theme, it’s a great way to learn about history and the world, along with being a perfect introduction to collecting in general since it is easy to start and inexpensive, depending on how complex and thorough you decide to make your quest. It’s a category within World Coins.

At first, you could decide to collect one coin from each country that currently exists. Or, one from each country that existed during the year of your birth and dated from that year. The topic begins to get complicated when you start to consider every “country” that ever existed. Sometimes that isn’t always clear. Or, it can be even more complicated if one considers all of the sub-parts of a country, such as the German or Italian States, who issued their own coins.

Here on VCoins, I’ve created categories for every main country listed in the Krause catalogs from 1600 to the present. The family of dealers on VCoins don’t currently have every country represented, but some of the more obscure ones can be found, such as these interesting pieces.

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